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All prints available! 💌 Personal: @dmaiboroda

Zhylianska 43 B Kyiv, Ukraine

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Daria Maiboroda Art

Check out the process video for my latest nude painting! I am obsessed with these round canvases lately, some more to come this following week. Double tap and let me know what you think in the comments bellow👇🏻 thanks❤️ ⠀ Photo reference credits: Ph: @trainspotte.r Model: @nebula.andromeda


My painting “Simplicity” on the walls of a brand new beauty clinic @fillerbar in Kyiv! Available for purchase from the clinic😉

Daria Maiboroda Art

PORTRAIT GIVEAWAY *CLOSED!⠀ You can’t miss out on this one😉⠀ Would you like to have a portrait of you, or your photograph painted by me? You have a chance to win it! ⠀ Check out the rules below:⠀ 1. You have to follow account @dariamaiborodaart⠀ 2. Like my 5 last posts ❤️⠀ 3. Tag 3 of your friends under this post👇🏻⠀ 4. Repost this post to your stories with hashtag and tag me @dariamaiborodaart⠀ 5. Post a photographed portrait of yourself in your feed, that you would like me to paint (or a photograph of someone else, that you took, if you are a photographer). The photograph has to be is style of my paintings from “pieces” series and in good quality. Post it under hashtag and tag me @dariamaiborodaart⠀ ⠀ Swipe to see the photograph examples in the carousel, that can give you the idea, style, lighting for the photo! I will choose the photograph I like the most on Monday 18th of March. Please note, that the choice will not be random, and will be based on my subjective opinion. ⠀ .paintings

Daria Maiboroda Art

Not only today, but every day, I celebrate life, fiminity and a beautiful gift of being a Woman. There is not just one side to this. I celebrate the freedom of choice and capability of anything. At the same time, I am a loving and caring wife, an entrepreneur and business owner. I am lucky to be born at the time, when I decide who I marry, with whom I sleep, I am free to love any human of any gender and race, I am free to study and do anything in this world, I am free to be a housewife, a NASA engineer, an artist, a bus driver or a gold digger. I am strong, graceful, beautiful, passionate, creative, loving, adventurous, talented, intelligent, interesting, caring, honest, REAL WOMAN. And today, as every day of my life, I celebrate life, fiminity and a beautiful gift of being a Woman The Beautiful Mind 50x50cm Oil on canvas *SOLD

Daria Maiboroda Art

Wall-e is helping me to get the perfect shot with this babe😄 double tap for his hard work and super cuteness ❤️ ⠀ Fun facts about my dog👇🏻 ⠀ • He is Chinese! I got him in China 6 years ago, time flies! ⠀ • He is being called “rabbit” more often then a dog😄 all thanks to his beautiful rabbit ears! ⠀ • He is called after the robot Wall-E and he has a sister named Eva🤗⠀ • In the morning he stays in bed longer than me and never wakes me up, loves to sleep in😴 ⠀ • He seems super cute, but keep your parrots and hamsters away, cuz they’ll be eaten in a blink🙈 he is afraid of cats tho😄 ⠀ ⠀ Painting “Silent” 100x100cm Oil on canvas Original artwork available for purchase. Limited edition art prints for this painting are also available, link in my Bio! ⠀

Daria Maiboroda Art

Another quick study finished today. I feel like after a long faceless stage, I have been painting faces only😄 Would you like to see the video for this one?) ⠀ Piece 12 Oil on panel 25x25cm ⠀

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