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I enjoy to portrait people. Especially in common, daily situations. At places we all know and visit ourselves. It is the people, the (non)communication, the atmosphere, the tension or drama that is surrounding. You can feel it. And sometimes it works out to frame it. To trigger the imagination. Can you feel it too? . . .


Dilemma of a storyteller Yesterday a friend asked me why he only see and so little “regular” posts. I told him i was aware of that and wanted to post more too. But although Instagram is about pictures, for me it is part of a story i like to share. So if i post i want to share the whole story. It means i have to write. What it tells me, reminds me of or the insightit is part of. And that not only takes time but also the “right” time, mood and place to do so. For me Instastories is much easier. Snap shots of my life(style). Quick and uncensored. No deeper story to tell. What you see is what you get. A welcome to my (nomadic) lifestyle. The recent month has been mostly filled with work. As balance is an important part of life. Work, relax. Speak, listen. Give, take. Eat, vaste. As money is still an important part, to be able to live my life this way, focus was on work the last months. Gardens. Airbnb and preparing the camper as my Tiny mobile home (and ocourse for this trip:) So not a lot to tell. Or?Ofcourse there is. Many. Both personal and business. Ad whatever you do and in situation you are, it is part of your proces. And when you are aware of that there is so much to see, feel, embrace, learn, enjoy and share. The next days i promised myself to take time to write. And share some of the stories including pictures on Instagram. Because i am a storyteller living my life the way i want. And the universe helps and shows me. Gives it to me and challenges me to live it. Authentic and in the present. This aged man i framed during the Berliner Bierfest.

Ubuntu Beach

Dear friends. Dear mothers all over the world. Happy Mother’s Day 💝 . . .

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Dear Leah. What a woman you are. A true inspiration. Always looking at the bright sight of life. No matter what. Giving and caring. For family and friends. Facing and dealing with cancer for over 30 years never got you down. And even now when your husband Willem suddenly got hit by this terrible disease and died within only 3 weeks time you keep faith and stay strong. Last week at the funeral many people showed their love and respect to you and Willem. With this message i do so too. As a small tribute. To you. As an amazing mother, wife, sister and grandmother ❤️❤️❤️ . . .

This first camper winter has been a roller coaster. First we had to look for a preowned engine after the motor run dry as a result of a broken dashboard warning light 😢 Then the gas installation had to be fixed and now i over looked a pole while parking the camper so the polyester front bumper broke off completely...🤪 Whatever happens next, thursday we will be heading to camping Schoonenberg and friday onwards to @delievelinge to kickoff the start of our 2019 Camper season while sharing our house on @airbnb and @homeawaynl 😍✌️🔥 . . . #

Houghton Estate, Gauteng, South Africa

Being disconnected with the online world for almost a week now gave me the chance to be more present and enjoy new friendships and sharing amazing stories. Thank you lovely people in Johannesburg for your great hospitality. I love you and this complex, vibrant and divers city 💚 . . .


Untitled. Exploring the beauty of Johannesburg. Strolling the city and visiting some spectacular galleries. Stunning art expositions at amazing pieces of architecture . . .

Johannesburg, Gauteng

First week compilation. Basicly an easy start. Relax, meet, share, talk, food and art. Still not sure ahow what i feel for Joburg but that needs more time. Special thanks to the amazing couchsurf community. ✌️🍀😍 . . .

Today on a sunny winters day i am leaving Holland for a short trip. Unfortunatly i can not go by camper as planned to give it a warm and dry winter parking. There seem to be more work to do to get the camper back on the road safe. Not only the power system had to be fixed. Also they found gas leek, the fridge does not work on 12V and the heather also does not work properly so... i have to show patience and leave her here this winter. So today i fly to Spain to relax and meet friends. Share and make new stories. And... to reunite with my dear daughter @doortjevanheusden who is living in Barcelona now on a voluntary internship at Together we will travel to and explore both Valencia and Barcelona. But most important we will share before moving to South Africa in December and returning home late February... 4 month without seeing her is far to much 😇❤️✌️🚍🙏🤩 . . . Father


Point of no return. 20 Years ago we settled in Aerdenhout where we were lucky to buy and live in a cottage style country house on a plot of 8.000 sqm. A hidden gem with a stunning mix old trees. The vibe there was unique. My love for and connection with nature got to a new level working on my own land. Shaping the woods, cutting and chopping of fallen trees was something i specially enjoyed. After stepping back from Studio Van Heusden in 2001 i also choose to spent more time to explore the planet. First I made an “Aroundtheworld trip”. Travel and wander, meet, learn and connect, became important parts of my life(style). In 2009 we sold our property and choose for a more basic, minimalistic lifestyle. Where money was’nt leading anymore. But purpose, care, share and dare became more and more important. I feel like i found my true “me” and am thankful and feel blessed to be able to live it. This picture is taken in 2002 after just turning 40. For me it tells my story (the start) of transition. And funny enough i am not only Storyteller and Airbnb host but working as a Nextdoor landscaper, gardener and treehugger now too 😊🍀🙏❤️😇💪 . . . #


The beauty of the contrast... October 24th and Roses are still blooming while Grapes are already drying in... Today I made this picture in a garden in Aerdenhout. Checking it for a


“View from the top.” Since i am back from travels i jumped into another sharing society experience: Nextdoor. A local community platform. Based on care and share. For me, helping neighboors with their garden, gives me the unique opportunity to meet, care, share and stories. Work outdoor and make a living too. Life can be so simple and beautiful if you dare to follow your heart, dream big and act small. Make a difference. Today i have been taking down two 15+ meter Oak trees. To bring light and space for other species to grow. Standing on the ladder at 6 meter i likes the view and took this shot. . . . #

Zandvoort Strand

Me and my Camper. Since June this is my home and i am taking it everywhere. The experience of minimalism and freedom is amazing. Portrait by @melissaanina . . .

Ubuntu Beach

Since we left the house and moved into the camperlife, Joolz is struggling with finding “her” home and safe place. I try to do as much as possible but still i feel its not enough. Today she spent most of her time in the camper while i was doing landscaping and gardening. Right after i finished we drove straight to the beach as i know she loves that. I went for a dive and she just set down and watched. And when i got out she jumped, ran and played like a young puppy, happy to see me. This unconditional love only dogs can give you. Love you forever Miss Joolz ❤️ . . . .

Amsterdam, Netherlands

We moved. As our house is rented out to a lovely family from Amsterdam, @bernice73 choose to walk the to Santiago and Joolz and i moved with the camper to Driehuis. A green oasis close to the port of IJmuiden, Amsterdam. From here i will be focussing on gardening. Both for the owners of the campsite in exchange for our stay and for neighbors around Haarlem. As a result of offering my time and “green fingers” on @nextdoor . A local community platform within the sharing economy. Wanna know more about my lifestyle and entrepreneurship, drop me a pm and/or lets share a coffee. . .

Ubuntu Beach

This morning Joolz and i picked up our morning routine. Going to the beach, have a walk and swim. Really missed these meditation moments and look forward to take het with me on the next camper trip in september ❤️😇🍀🚍 . . #

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