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We are dedicated to creating innovation that matters - that inspires people to build their own PC, and allows them to express and enjoy themselves.
8F no. 788-1 Zhongzheng Rd, Zhonghe District New Taipei City

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Pick one! The mATX NR400 or the ATX NR600? Photo credit:

Always a bride's maid. Never a bride. We used adapters for so many things in our systems but how often do we acknowledge them? What would they say if they could talk?

Want to play fast and play cool? Enter to win a gaming PC with the new AMD Ryzen 7 3700X CPU, MSI X570 motherboard, and much more. There will only be one winner. Will it be you? Link in bio.

Meet the MM710, our lightest mouse ever. Say hello to the fastest flick shots and goodbye to wrist fatigue. Achieve more with less. Pre-orders available now, link in bio,

Sublimnal messaging much?

PC_EVERYDAY showed us his first-ever case mod. Do us a favor: Never. Stop. Modding.

We don't like to brag, but we don't shy away from accepting compliments either. Thanks ThinkComputers ! "This is definitely the best and most comfortable mousepad I’ve ever used. Overall ThinkComputers gives the MP860 Dual-Sided RGB mousepad a 9 out of 10 score."

ASMR PC build video! Starring the Q300L and optional handles, by Nerd on a Budget.

Whether it's in your system or out on the town, the V Gold is always just chillin' with 40% fanless mode.

RIP IT UP, Couldn’t have said it better . Give their channel some love!

Because nothing says “If I had to choose between you and games, I choose games. Always.” more than a premium-quality Cooler Master Displate.

TFW you're dominating in PVP. Taking out noobs one shot at a time.

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