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Back when I used to do truck stuff.

Always a huge smile on this dudes face.

The FN Mauser out on coyote duty.

Flowers with 16 rounds of Power.

CZ 527 Carbine in 7.62x39. Still one of my top favorite go for a walk guns.

One of the first quality pocket knives I purchased. Picked up before a deployment, figured it would be a good idea to have my name put on it. Turned out to be one of my most favorite and used slicers.

Charleston, Oregon

Yet another awesome weekend outside of Charleston, this time Tuna hunting. Captain @nick.pappas.223 got us on the fish, and we wrestled in 29 Tuna. @adrian__shane hauled in the biggest catch of the day with at least a 30lb Albacore. @chandler_jarrod, @adrian__shane, and Amy fought a few on rod and reel making for some sore and tired arms. A Mako shark thought we were doing so well and decided that we could spare some meat for a snack. It was a great weekend, and we’re all looking forward to snacking on some fresh caught Tuna. Let the canning begin.

A large dose of venom from a King Cobra bite can kill a person in 30 minutes. Six rounds of .357 Magnum might do it a little quicker.

Hawk, Glock, and ‘stocks with socks.

Varmint population control with the Ruger MKIII Target.

New kydex with a side of sweet tea. @mktekholsters

Sweet .17

A good rifle, a @tabgear SAC full of ammo, and some wide open farmland. Doesn’t get much better.

Titanium, scandium, and some rusty old iron.

Truck gun.

The United States declared war on Spain the year that this rifle was originally built. She’s not looking too bad for being 121 years old.

Alvord Desert

This was such a fun trip.

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