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The World’s Most Advanced Nano Ceramic Coating! Automotive | Marine | Aviation | Industrial | Motorsport Read our latest Article! ↓ ↓ ↓

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The Reveal Video of our Ceramic Pro 50/50 Coated Vinyl Wrapped @fordperformance Mustang is now Live! @charlessiritho of @ffperformanceaz is driving his mustang all around the U.S. to show the benefits of Ceramic Pro while striving for his dream to race cars for a living! Big thanks to @ceramicproarizona @wrapseshaz @jimglotrailers @toyotires @andersoncomposites @motul @turboneticsinc for being a part of the journey! Stay Tuned for more coverage!

Want to see Nanotechnology in action?! No, they are not microscopic robots that defend your paint! Ceramic Pro when cured, forms a flexible glass shield over your vehicles clear coat that protects the paint and makes it much easier to clean!

Ceramic Pro is the solution for extending the life & appearance of any sign! A coated surface has a tough barrier that separates the vinyl, metal, polymer or print from the elements that deteroriate it. Learn more:

The self cleaning effect Ceramic Pro provides! The dirt gets encapsulated with the water. No need for soap, wax, or other chemicals to break free any contaminants on the surface!

Awesome photos of @vaia.f87 ‘s M2! Of course the wrap is protected with Ceramic Pro to extend the life of the wrap, add gloss, and make it way easier to maintain! @vaiadesign

The 50/50 coated @ffperformanceaz Mustang will be our latest journey, so be sure to watch us put it through the test! Can you guess which side is coated? ;)

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