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it’s a wild crikey

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Progress not perfection, this is something that means a lot to me and I’m so thankful for all the opportunities I’ve been given and the patience that has been graciously bestowed upon me by so so many people whether it be my Family, Friends, my Team, my Fans, or anyone that came into contact with me in general. I want to say sorry to the people that I pissed off &/or disrespected whether I was conscious of it or not while I was in my addiction, no one deserves to be treated less than and everyone deserves to be respected in their own right. Dealing with this over the last 2 1/2 years has slowly & painfully dragged me into the shallowest, darkest places in my life destroying my mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health. I want everyone to know that there IS hope even when it seems helpless, that there IS serenity even when you’re filled with anxious thoughts. That you CAN overcome addiction and codependency if YOU choose to get help and really want it for yourself. I’m very thankful fir the people that put up with my bullshit through this, I can’t thank you all enough. One of the biggest things for me coming back, was surrounding myself with people that wanted more For me than From me, and really digging in on the underlying problems of the things I couldn’t face or figure out in my life that I buried deep down in my soul that made me turn to these addictions to escape. There is a big Stigma around Rehab and I am guilty of thinking of it as a “bad” or “dirty” place for “horrible” people to go to, but until I got there I realized how positive and great these facilities are. They truly help guide you in changing your direction to become the best you possible, they also aim to help your families understand how they can work on themselves to have better communication between each other and how to be assertive. This is what I wanted to talk about today & share. Thank you for taking the time to listen. I hope this is received well and I want to start diving in more and more about these things over the course of my life sharing it with you all along the way. I also recently came upon a charity that raises money for (continued in comments)

We need to help make a change in the way we live to turn our toxic ways around that are destroying this very planet we live on and all the living organisms that are affect by us. We have the fire that’s sweeping away a massive part of the oxygen we breath that’s being produced every second in the Amazon. We have fires in Russia that are destroying the Siberian forests which are sadly on track to break their record of 70,000 square mile burn area in 2012 I’m very scared for the fires this year but even more so, I’m frightened for the years to come seeing we are having tragic fires all around the world becoming more frequently and devastating as before. We need to get the people & governments to start paying more attention and raise more awareness about Climate Change/Global Warming. It’s time to wake up and come together to help all walks of life. A good place to find out how to help is @greenpeace, and if you want to donate there will be a link in my BIO !

Capri 😍😍

the scariest of rollercoasters 🎢

My dudeeee killed this shoot @goodboyshady @brvndo

Second time skydiving 🔥🔥 thank you @bradeyfun for letting my use your phone in the air 😅😂

goodbye summer

new outfit who dis

took this in George Bush’s bathroom

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