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Took my new daughter to ice cream today. I pretty much only go for mint chocolate chip in a sugar cone. 🤷‍♀️I LIKE WHAT I LIKE! 💗🍦💗

This was last night but I wore the same dress today so just pretend this is TONIGHT cause whatever I only wore it for like a minute yesterday and anyway, why can't you just like a dress and wear it for a couple of days and THEN put it in the hamper? I don't know. OK. Enjoy. Live your life. Wear the dress you want to wear. I would never ever judge you. Because I love you. Goodnight. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I just found this video that Cricket took of me playing tennis at my lesson this morning and I added the music and it's making me lol. I clearly didn't know that she was filming me, also I think she has a REAL VISION and FUTURE as a DP. 😂🎾

in honor of Birdie turning 11 this week, here we are in 2009. I think she was maybe one and half, maybe not even? I know this was a photoshoot for a parenting magazine and I did it to promote Cougartown but I don't remember anything else. Except clearly my boobs were still huge from breastfeeding, I'm in the middle of growing out my bangs, my arm is double jointed (so are Birdie's!) and that was my original Fisher Price tea set that my mom saved for me. Also. Birdie is the cutest baby ever and I wish I could go back in time right now and do it all again(but as me now)because I would. I really really really would.

Last night I was just a sexy bb slightly confused as to why she's west of the 405.

Sees Oklahoma! once.

The best 44 seconds you'll spend on the internet today. Life lessons with @oldnavy & me.

My house is Ravenclaw, btw. My ENTIRE FAMILY is Slytherin although I'm convinced Cricket is really Hufflepuff. @unistudios

Guys! I'm bringing back and we are going to help them !!! And this year, I asked my pals at @michaelsstores if they could help and they're including a THREE HUNDRED DOLLAR gift card because they are the best!!!💗💗💗 TEACHERS!! Email a picture of yourself(no kids), a little bit about YOU (include your Instagram handle please❤️), where/what you teach and be sure to include a link to your wish list(PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK THE LINK!) to! For the next 5 weeks, I’ll feature 2 teachers a week and we can help them !!! cc: @kristenanniebell @edroste

On August 13, 2008 this person showed up and made me a mom. We hasn't picked her name yet because I needed to look at her before naming her. As soon as I did, I knew she was Birdie. Happy 11th birthday to my little(big) Bird. 💗🎂💗 I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. There is no one like you in the world and it is the joy of my life that I get to know and love you. 💗🎂💗

I feel like I did a good job blending in and looking like a REAL NEW YORKER🤣

Time to go home. Thank you New York, it's been real but these girls are sick of walking and public transit cause they're from LA, BB. ⭐️The best was when Cricket saw a rat in the subway last night and she said, "Oh my god! LOOK! There's a weird squirrel running on those tracks!" 😂🐀😬

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