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Link in bio. Today on the blog I talk about life in recovery from an eating disorder. The first step to getting help, should be reaching out to a healthcare professional. For me, it meant getting into therapy. My blog post covers the habits and thought processes that have guided me on my two years of recovery. Love to you all today! If you have any suggestions on topics for me to write on, please shoot me an email ❤️❤️ (scuse the old photo - I DO NOT HAVE BANGS - @harriganlola)

Here’s looking at you, weekend 😎

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Today on the blog I talk about the one person I have been really tempted to name publicly. The fact is that today, the girl in the last photo is heavier than she was the day this healthcare “professional” told her that “even for a normal girl, you’re fat”. But she’s healthy, happy, and strong. And she has a modeling career. The girl in the first three photos was afraid of doing cardio because she was told that it would be “better to not eat” if she needed to lose weight fast, and would not eat more than 4 baby carrots a day for fear of “carbs”. If first, do no harm, then this healthcare professional is violating their oath. My friends and I are living proof of that. I hope is that someday, there will not be a demand for this persons work in the world. I hope that all women (and men) can be set free from ridiculously damaging body standards and expectations. Link in bio ❤️❤️

Have a good weekend ladies and jellyfish ❤️❤️

This was me, a few weeks after I got rejected from a high profile client. And now. Strong and happy. The reason for my rejection was “Bridget’s body does not look good enough”. The girl in these photos hadn’t had a period in months, and needed to sleep 12 hours a night in order to function. The most messed up part of all this though, is that I had been accepted by this client when I was half an inch smaller in previous years. I am so thankful that all this is behind me. It has taken a lot of work and recovery, but I am so grateful that there is a place in the industry for me now, at my healthy weight. I am proud to be working today with people who support health in women. Link in bio to read more!!

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Today on the blog, I talk about my life with anxiety. My latest bouts with anxiety attacks have shown me how my relationship to the fear has grown. I have learned how to survive the scariest moments, and most importantly, that I can make it through. My life does not have to stop for me to recover. I can keep going. Because whilst the attacks have not gotten less intense, my reactions have matured in a truly positive way. Link in bio. I hope you all have a lovely Monday!! ❤️



- Link in bio - Today on the blog I talk about how life with PMDD has evolved since my diagnosis a year ago. It is a terrifying condition, one that has the ability of completely derailing your life. My life has slowly been able to return to a semblance of normalcy - slowly being the key word. I am proud of my progress, but very aware of how easy it is for everything to change with PMDD. If this connects with you, please subscribe! I hope you all have a lovely week. ❤️

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