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Celebrity Trainer & Fitness expert CEO of Body By Simone @bbsstudio Author of The 8 week total body transformation E Network Revenge Body Trainer

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Body By Simone West Hollywood

Workout Wednesday! Posterior chain building using a 10 pound kettle bell. AKA booty work 1️⃣ Kettle bell swing: stay in a parallel position thrust your hips forward contracting your glutes. Three sets of 10 reps 2️⃣ Time under tension deep externally rotated squat. Down for three counts, pulse and stand in one count. Three sets of 10 reps 3️⃣ single leg straight leg deadlift. Be sure to keep the standing leg straight. Three sets of 10 reps

Body By Simone West Hollywood

Trainer Tuesday! BBS Master Trainer @bethjnicely is visiting @bbsstudio 🌴 ☀️ from NYC. Beth has been with the company since the beginning, almost 8 years ago. Her classes are so tough they have been nicknamed “Death by Beth” Be sure to check the LA schedule for her classes, and sign up for the remaining few spots.. In the meantime try this reverse lunge series with a 10 pound kettle bell. Harder than it looks I can assure you. The goal is to stay steady with your knee over your ankle. Twist in your torso over your front leg. Come back to centre and repeat on the other side. Start with three sets of 10 reps of each exercise.

Body By Simone West Hollywood

Monday Motivation! Try this modified Turkish get up (The Oscar get up with a kiss 💋) Oscar now weighs 14 pounds. This exercise is actually quite challenging, especially with the added weight. Be sure to alternate legs. Keep your knees over your ankles and engage your glutes at the top of your range when standing.

West Hollywood, California

@revengebody Sunday! One of my favorite things about being on the show, is the supportive community of trainers. We all get together to cheer one another on. Our training methods may be different, but at the end of the day we all want the same thing. To share our knowledge and tools to help transform our contestants to be the best versions of themselves. Congratulations @ashleybordenfitness on a great episode. @mrcalliet @latrealmitchell @harleypasternak @milts1 @revengebody @khloekardashian Missing @gunnarfitness @nicolewinhoffer @autumncalabrese @leyon

West Hollywood, California

SUNDAY VIBES✌🏼 . Even my incredible Body By Simone app is telling me to take a rest day and chill with family. . My main focus today is to cook healthy recipes for today and the week to come. Check the app out if you haven’t already for incredible recipes from @bewellbykelly . Excited to see what the recommended workouts are for the week and looking forward to showing off our sleek new live streaming studio. Coming very soon to a mobile phone near you (the one in your hand). .

Body By Simone West Hollywood

💥Flash Sale 💥 This weekend only! I often get questions about my shoes. For the past 8 years, the only sneaker I have worn is @newtonrunning I love them so much I helped design a sleek and sexy black shoe, specifically for dance cardio. The BBS x Newton is developed from the Newton Fate II design. This light, breathable shoe was designed specifically to encourage you to strike forward and stay on the balls of your feet. This enables you to bounce your way through dance class, while protecting your arches and calves. The BBS x Newton shoe offers more breathable stretch panels, that help the shoe better accommodate the shape of your foot. Beveled support on the bottom of the shoe allows for a smoother stride and offers a great introduction to Newton’s Action/Reaction Technology. Available online and in studio.

Body By Simone West Hollywood

This is how we do cardio @bbsstudio Fun facts: dance cardio uses your entire body. You are forced to use your brain to learn the choreography. It helps with co ordination and you can burn up to 500 calories in one class. During the 12 weeks on @revengebody Annie @annierosellini danced most days, she lost 35 inches and dropped 2 👗 sizes. Find a workout that you love and connect with. Start dancing today! Join us in any of my 4 studios or dance with us online via THE BODY BY SIMONE APP.

Body By Simone West Hollywood

Workout Wednesday with @annierosellini from @revengebody During our 12 weeks together we did a lot of cardio. Dance was always our favourite, but trampoline came a close second. Bouncing on the trampoline is such a great way to get your cardio fix whilst still protecting your joints. Especially those knees and hips. Try this simple circuit for an entire song (roughly 3-5 minutes) I promise you will kick your heart rate up, burn some calories and end up smiling ear to ear 😊 My choice of rebounder is always @jumpsportfitness

Body By Simone West Hollywood

Transformation Tuesday! Wow! I am so proud of @annierosellini over 12 weeks on @revengebody she lost 35 inches and dropped from size 10 to size 6 She also reconnected with dance, her true love and passion. Inspired by this transformation? Download THE BODY BY SIMONE APP today to follow along with the workouts and meal plans that @bewellbykelly And I gave to Annie.

Body By Simone West Hollywood

How happy Annie and I were about her measurements. 😊 Did you tune in last night to watch the beautiful transformation of @annierosellini Annie lost a total of 35 inches and dropped from 👗 size 10-6 in 12 weeks. But more importantly she reconnected with her love of dance. This was such a special one for me, I could relate to Annie on so many levels. We also filmed during my pregnancy 🤰🏼 we started at 3 months and ended at 7 months. Annie’s belly was shrinking and mine was growing 🙊So lovely to watch this back and see little Oscar in there. I am so proud of Annie’s journey, and look forward to see where she goes from here. 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

Los Angeles, California

Tonight’s episode of @revengebody is dedicated to all the dancers out there, whether you had a career on the stage or just enjoy dancing in your living room. A special thank you to my ballet teacher Miss Vivienne, for all your love and guidance over the years. I tried to channel you whilst working with @annierosellini Tune in tonight to see if Annie reconnects with her passion for dance 💃 Fun fact, I was 3 months pregnant when we filmed this scene 🤰🏼 10pm @eentertainment

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