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El Paso, Texas

Amy just sent me this photo from El Paso. This is outside the funeral for Margie Reckard. She was killed at Walmart in El Paso on August 3rd. I met her husband Antonio at the memorial a few nights after that. The whole crowd at the memorial hugged him and comforted him, everyone giving him love and strength. Earlier this week the funeral home published a notice for Margie’s funeral that said that they didn’t expect anyone to come to the funeral because neither she nor Antonio had family in El Paso and that therefore the community was invited. Amy texted this with the photo from her funeral tonight: “Line wraps around the building multiple times. Been waiting 40 minutes and a long way to go. So beautiful.”

This attack on El Paso is an attack on America. It is an attack on our ideal of what America can be, an America that has not been for so many in this country—based on their race, their ethnicity, their religion, their country of national origin, their gender, their sexual orientation. It’s almost as if the bigger the lie from this president, the more obvious the injustice, the more furious the pace of this bizarre behavior, the more inhumane the attacks, the more incapable we are of seeing it and clearly naming it and acting against it. But we must. Anyone this president puts down, we are going to lift up. In those places where Donald Trump has been terrorizing, terrifying, and demeaning our fellow Americans, we are going to show up. And we are going to fight every single day. I hope you are ready to join us.

On August 3rd, my hometown of El Paso, one of the safest cities in America, fell victim to one of the deadliest mass shootings in our country’s history—the result of guns and of hatred fueled by online radicalization, propaganda outlets like Fox News, and a racist president. Today, we are releasing our plan to prevent atrocities like these from happening again—a plan which would not only reduce gun violence, but also combat the spread of hate and white nationalism taking place through online radicalization. When any one community is targeted, the very idea of America is under attack. That’s why we need to all come together to not only connect the dots between the proliferation of hatred across our country and the acceleration of mass shootings, but actually do something about it. I believe, together, we can bring about the change we need—and, in the process, restore our faith in humanity, in one another, and in this country. You can read more about our plan to end this epidemic at

When darkness descended on El Paso, our community responded with light—and love. As nurses and doctors saved life after life, hundreds of my neighbors lined up for hours to donate blood. I will bring their strength, pride, and love with me across the country. Share their stories.

Tom Lea Park

In this campaign, we will carry on El Paso’s strength, kindness, warmth and pride.  People, love, and compassion will guide us. We will act on the belief that though the idea of America has never fully been realized, that more perfect Union is still within our grasp.

El Paso, Texas

Though we have not realized the idea of America for everyone, it is still within our grasp.

El Paso, Texas

Last night, Amy and I brought the kids to the El Paso Legends Charity Soccer Game to support victims of last Saturday’s shooting. The strength, the joy, the resilience on display last night was another reminder that, in El Paso, we will always meet darkness with light—and love.

Mountain View High School (Texas)

‪“Love and peace will always define who we are—on both sides of the border. We will rise above this.” -Diana, Student Body Vice President ‬ ‪Grateful for these extraordinary student leaders who brought the community together for this morning’s memorial.‬

El Paso, Texas

This is a really tough time for El Paso, but we are a really tough people. The way this community of immigrants has come together is the best possible answer to the hatred and the terror and the racism we saw on Saturday.

Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, México

Mi corazón está con Juárez. Mi corazón está con El Paso. Mi corazón está con nuestra comunidad fuerte, bonita y binacional. My heart is with Juárez. My heart is with El Paso. My heart is with our strong, beautiful, binational community.

Ciudad Juárez

Hoy fui a Ciudad Juárez porque esta tragedia afectó a familias de ambos lados de la frontera. Nuestras ciudades son una sola comunidad que fue atacada por el racisimo y odio. Pero juntos podemos salir adelante.

Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, México

El Paso and Ciudad Juárez are one community, three million people from two countries speaking two languages who come together joined, not separated, by the Rio Grande River, forming something far greater, more powerful than the sum of our parts. I stand with my neighbors, all of my neighbors — in El Paso and in Ciudad Juárez. — Credit: Rafael Carranza, Arizona Republic/USA Today Beto O'Rourke arrives to the funeral home in Juarez, bouquet in hand, to meet with the family of Ivan Manzano.

Pueblito Mexicano Cd. Juarez, Chihuahua

Honored to be in Juárez today to send my condolences to Governor Corral, Mayor Cabada, and everyone who lives in the Mexican half of our binational community. Together, we have responded to hatred with love—and our communities are stronger, and closer, than we've ever been. Es un honor estar en Ciudad Juárez para darle mis condolencias al Gobernador Corral, al Alcalde Cabada, y a todos los que viven en la mitad mexicana de nuestra comunidad binacional. Hemos respondido al odio con amor, y nuestras comunidades están más fuertes y unidas que antes.

El Paso, Texas

El Paso continues to meet darkness with light—and love. Proud of this community, and the hundreds who were out at the memorial tonight.

El Dorado High School (El Paso, Texas)

The students at El Dorado HS led us in a vigil this morning. They’re the same young people who will lead this country in ending gun violence across America. Proud of their strength, their ability to bring us together, and their willingness to always lead the way.

El Dorado High School (El Paso, Texas)

“We are the sun city and no darkness will be able to dim our light.” - Mari, Student Body President, El Dorado High School This morning, I visited El Dorado—as students mourned the lives we’ve lost this week. So grateful for their leadership.

El Paso will not be quiet.

Del Sol Medical Center

The entire team working tirelessly at University Medical Center and Del Sol Medical Center have performed miracles over the past few days. They are El Paso—the strength, the love, the care, the willingness to do everything possible to help their neighbors. I am forever grateful.

El Paso, Texas

Chris is a hero. When he heard gunshots, he ran toward the killer—distracting him even though he knew it meant he would be in the line of fire. El Paso will always be defined by people like Chris. I am so proud he calls our community home.

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