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Becky LCHF

Restarting ... again after gaining back 35lbs SW 223 CW 203 ⬇️20lbs SD 4/15/19

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Cowboy Chicken

Monterey chicken salad with cheese crisps and cracklins 🤤

Copper Top BBQ

Spicy pickled Brussels sprouts FTW!

Spent the week in Anaheim eating terribly. Not looking forward to going through induction again. Onward! 💪

Felt like a good time to go teal

Bakersfield, California

Anyone else doing a little post-earthquake stress eating?!!

First time making Alfredo from scratch. I’m ruined for life. Special thanks to @martihoyt for lending me you kid for the day. She killed it.

Muertos Kitchen and Lounge

Hudson burger is perfect every damn time. #

English Turkish