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Ayanna Pressley

Former Boston City Councilor At-Large & Congresswoman proudly representing the MA 7th. She/hers

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“We need a plan that centers and prioritizes the preservation of families.” Link in bio for my full conversation on @colbertlateshow about immigration, the MA-7, and how we confront the occupant of the White House.

Gun violence steals far too many lives. We must have equity in our outrage, our activism & our healing. Very heartened by what I learned today about the community-based anti-violence work of @SOS_Brooklyn and @bcjc__brooklyn. Thank you for hosting me @courtinnovation!

Tonight I’m talking gun violence and immigration with @trevornoah on @thedailyshow. Tune in at 11 PM EST!• • 📸: @imseangallagher

Thank you @heatherripleyart - our squad is big!• • WE are the squad - if you share the values and believe in working for a more equitable and just world, YOU are a part of the squad.

When I visited the border, the mothers there begged for forgiveness. Forgiveness for seeking a better life, for doing everything they could to provide health, safety, and opportunity for their children. What will we say to the next generation when these families seeking hope and safety are met with imprisonment and cruelty? We are the ones who should be begging forgiveness.

Making the voices of the 7th heard in the halls of Congress.

Clint, Texas

🎥: @tictoc • • To the migrants we met yesterday - and all of those languishing under this Administration's cruel, racist policies: we will never stop fighting for your dignity, your humanity, and the preservation of your families. • I am tired of the health and the safety, the humanity and the full freedom of black and brown children being negotiated and compromised and moderated.• • I learned a long time ago that when changes happens, it's either because people see the light or they feel the fire. Today, we are lifting up these stories in the hope that people will see the light and, if they don't, we WILL bring the fire.

Why does matter to you?• 🎥: @lukesantosma

If you can see it, you can be it. Presiding over the house floor for the 1st time on

Two proud Mammas (bio & bonus) celebrating our daughter, Cora, on her 5th grade graduation day!

Happy Father's Day from your two girls. Thank you for being our rock, protector & provider, as well as our source for unconditional love, enduring joy & contagious laughter. SoJo (not pictured) thanks you for being a great cat dad too!

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