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Empowerer of Empowerers Film Director @themercadantes || @parkpicturesny

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Oh this little angel on set 😍 Photo by @bretlama

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Summer lovin’. Photo by @bretlama


Summer sunset💗

New York, New York

Day 9 of 10 ♥️ . Photo and production design by @bretlama

Sausalito, California

Bye, Northern California. 💗

Sausalito, California

Sunburnt in Sausalito. I didn’t know this was a thing.

Sausalito, California

Really enjoying this houseboat life. I think I’m starting to blend in ♥️ @elleluna

Oakland, California

My friends know I’m normally an anti-potluck advocate (control issues! Trust the process?!) but then some magic occurs like this beautiful spread and I have myself rethinking things... 🍯 I realized that it’s not about people randomly showing up with a bunch of food and hoping it works out. A great potluck is formed over time by a community that has learned how to find each other’s strengths, innovate where needed, and take turns as leaders to communicate and problem solve. 🍯 It’s a beautiful, beautiful thing, like this potluck by @anastasiaholland and @ohkayyoga where every single person was delighted and deeply satisfied by the meal. 🍯

San Anselmo, California

Well this feels like a year ago. How quickly energy and the seasons change! Photo by @steviegreenwell at @beccapiastrelli ‘s Lammas/birthday showdown last weekend. 💗

Sausalito, California

Summer nights in Sausalito with this one... 💗

Really excited for this musical to happen. @devoalexander 🥇

San Anselmo, California

My love @roxiejanehunt once showed me how to “....braid a crown on her head and then watch how she walks.” Many girls get to play with crowns and princess dresses and magic wands when we are little so it’s not too far a stretch when we grow up and begin to step into our regal queenliness s adults. But what about our men? How do we honor them as they move through their lives, becoming Kings of their world, building their kingdoms, selflessly tending to their communities and beyond? Weaving this crown for @beccapiastrelli ‘s King felt a little silly and sheepish. He particularly asked for thorns and I delivered crab apples. But watching her delightfully crown him, his power recognized, and then seeing the crown get passed from man to man at the party, half in jest but with some magic symbolism we could not name, I realized how important it is to honor the masculine in our lives.

San Anselmo, California

Sometimes I wish cats had facial expressions the way dogs do. Here’s me anthropomorphizing @beccapiastrelli ‘s cat. 😾💔

San Anselmo, California

Celebrating this woman. This Queen of Belongingness. Honoring all she’s created and manifested and tended to and healed. ✨🌻✨ The two of us have been praying for, wrangling, wrestling with, and cultivating our “community” for over five years now. Choosing each other, choosing our family, and choosing our sisterhood has been no easy task. ✨🌻✨ We’re rewiring our nervous systems to feel used to unconditional truth-telling and messy but consistent love and support. We’re teaching ourselves to live cyclically, remembering and experiencing what it is to celebrate our connection to the earth as the seasons change beneath our bare feet. ✨🌻✨ This night, on Lummas or Lughnasadh we celebrated her birthday, and all that we are grateful to reap after a long season of sowing and tending seeds this Spring and Summer. ✨🌻✨ In love and in gratitude for all that is possible in this world. Love you @beccapiastrelli

Roxbury, Connecticut

Water lily life force: calming and soothing vibrancy ⭐️🌟⭐️

Glacier National Park

Anybody else have that creeping feeling that summer’s almost over? 💔

Bridgewater, Connecticut

Sacred sacred bumble bee 🐝

Bridgewater, Connecticut

Empowering this Empowerer....😍

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