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15 week @fitbodyapp progress from!! ☺️👏 she did 12 weeks of Shred and 4 weeks of Sculpt 💪 I looove that you girls can switch between Shred, Tone or Sculpt anytime!! 😍 . Ready to join us and start crushing your workouts? Try @fitbodyapp free for 7 days! Link is in my bio 💕

Weighing the most I’ve ever weighed in my life currently and I ain’t even mad about it 😏💁‍♀️ . I posted this on insta stories... but I really wanted to share this message. That you can be confident even in the midst of weight gain. You can be confident at ANY size and I strongly believe that. Do I still believe it’s incredibly important to take care of your physical health through exercise and a proper diet. Yes, 100%. But if you’re on your fitness journey, heck, even if you haven’t started your fitness journey, every single person on this earth deserves to love and appreciate their body. Self-hate has no place in this world. And that's why mental and emotional health is just as important in this journey as your physical health. . So whether you’ve lost 50 lbs and are still working on that last 10, or you’re just now trying to start a fitness journey... or maybe you reached your fitness goal and you’re just maintaining, OR maybe you never wanted to lose weight to begin with... SHAKE WHAT YA MAMA GAVE YA!! 💃🙌🤩

STRONG ARMS BABY! 😍🔥💪 I dare you to try the last move... it’s SO HARD!! It uses your core just as much as your arms, such a killer move. Tag a friend to try with you! . Superset 1: 💪 Single Arm Shoulder Press: 10 reps each side. (I’m using 15 lbs) Be sure you’re holding the opposite arm up as you alternate. This is going to make it burn even more and is a great trick you can use if regular Shoulder Press’ aren’t challenging you enough anymore! 🔥 Burnout! Do as many Two Arm Shoulder Press’ as you can! When you think you can’t do any more, do TWO more. Seriously. . Superset 2: 💪 Single Arm Hammer Lateral Raise: 10 reps each side. Go down in weight in this one (I’m using 10 lbs) and instead of having your palms facing the ground like in a normal Lat Raise, have the facing out, perpendicular to the ground. Raise your arm to be just above parallel to the ground, and control the movement on the way back to the starting position. Also, super important you lead with your shoulders here, not with your forearms. 🔥 Burnout! Do as many Two Arm Hammer Lat Raises as you can! . Ok now for the killer move... use your core to keep you elevated off the ground. Minimize hip swinging as you bring each dumbbell up to your side. Let me know if you try it!! 😝🔥🙌 . A new week of @fitbodyapp starts TODAY! Ready to join us and start crushing your workouts? Link is in my bio 💕

Capri, Italy

Is it too much to ask to be here right about now? 😅 what did your summer look like? Comment only in emojis!! Mine would be 🏕🍷👯‍♀️✈️🏡💻 . P.S. so ready for a new week of @fitbodyapp tomorrow! My body is seriously in need of a solid sweat sesh 💦💪 link in my bio if you’re ready to join us! Get your first 7 days free Photo credit: @haylsa via @italy

I rarely post selfies, so when I do, why not have it be when I just had the biggest zits of my life extracted?! 😭😂 you girls know I always do my best to keep it real. While I love posed photos, I don’t want anyone to think for a second they’re a representation of my, or anyone’s, life. Are there more important things going on in the world than a few zits? Absolutely. But while we’re fighting those big battles, we can fight mini ones too. 😊 So here’s your reminder to stop comparing yourself to the perfectly edited, airbrushed, and smoothed photos you see all over insta. 😘😘😘 P.S. Thank you everyone for all the tips on how to heal/prevent scarring for these bad boys!! Skincare is def an area I’m improving on and still learning about 😬

Sounds about right 😂💪💕 Credit: @wordmixrr

“I’m gonna fly!” said the worm. Everyone laughed... except the butterflies... . People who have never achieved what you’re setting out to achieve are the biggest (and usually the loudest) doubters. It’s because they don’t know what’s possible when you REALLY dedicate yourself to your goals. PLEASE don’t let the limitations they’ve put on THEIR life become limitations you accept for your own. . I BELIEVE IN YOU because I know that your goals ARE possible. They ARE within reach. They ARE going to take more work than you ever imagined, but if it was easy... everyone would be doing it. The harder you work for it, the sweeter the reward. I need you to believe in yourself. YOU need you to believe in yourself! . You are SO MUCH stronger than you ever realized. Please know this. And tell yourself over and over when those voices of self-doubt creep in. Whether they’re in your own voice, your friends’, your family’s, or even a stranger’s. Let’s drown out those voices with positive self-talk and love ❤️ . A new week of @fitbodyapp starts today 💪 head to the link in my bio to join us!

Here’s your next KILLER CORE circuit - Tag a friend!! 😍🔥 ok so the first two moves aren’t necessarily core focused but it will A. get your heart rate up and B. is a great challenge! Don’t worry if it takes you a few times of being a rollie pollie on the mat to get the hang of it, that was me too 🙃🤣 once you do get it down, it’s a fun little move . KILLER CORE CIRCUIT 1. Rolling Sit-Up + Squat 2. Rolling Sit-Up + Squat Jump 3. Bent-Leg Toe Reach 4. One Sided Bent-Leg Toe Reach 5. Isometric Leg Raise Hold + Reach Clap 6. Leg Raises - please note I am going SUPER slow in these. I’m ensuring my core is engaged (and not lower back or hip flexors) . Do each for 30 seconds and repeat 3x!! This would be most similar to a @fitbodyapp SHRED workout since there’s no equipment required 💦🔥 . Ready for more? Start your @fitbodyapp free trial! Link is in my bio 💕 ————————————————

Woke up to these flowers today 🥰❤️ it’s our 8 year “dating” anniversary today!! 8 years ago, @luca.ferretti17 was visiting me in San Diego 1 month after we met in Rome. We were out in downtown San Diego with my closest friends, we had a few drinks 😅 and my best friend went over to him and said “Soooo are you her boyfriend or what?!” and he proceeded to walk over to me and ask me to be his girlfriend 😂 he went back to Italy a few days later and we did long distance for 5 months before he moved to San Diego to study English (even though I practically taught him English myself over all our skype sessions 😜) ... and the rest is history!! Every day since then I’ve felt like the luckiest girl in the world ❤️❤️❤️ @annaandluca

Let’s talk BIRTH CONTROL and hormones. I just shared on my insta story how I was temporarily put back on birth control in order to control my cycle to prepare for IVF injections, and after only FOUR DAYS of being on BC, it made my thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) skyrocket. WHAT IN THE WORLD?! . I was on birth control for 12 years straight and NEVER did I hear anything about how it can alter or mess with your hormones. I mean... it makes perfect sense when I think about it now 🙄 I am just so blown away by how, at 30 years old, I am still learning about my body, hormones and what impacts it. Heck, I think we as a society are just starting to more widely learn about it!! . This is in no way to say not to use birth control, but to educate yourself about the side effects. I just wish I knew this earlier since there are links (nothing conclusive, that I know of...) between long term birth control use and multiple negative side effects. . If any of you have had any similar experiences, please share below so other women can read and learn. Anything else I should know about my hormones?! 😬 This is an entirely different side of health that you can’t see from the outside, which is why it’s so important to not just “chase abs” or a physical goal. There’s nothing wrong with physical goals, but your health goes WAY beyond that ❤️

@paigefit.fbg crushing her @fitbodyapp workouts!! 😍 There’s so much more to this journey than progress photos. Or than the scale (in fact, throw that baby away 🙅‍♀️). This journey is about feeling STRONG. It’s about making yourself a priority, even if it’s only for 30 mins a day. You deserve that time. It’s about feeling energized, fueled, nourished, so you CAN take care of all the other responsibilities you have in life. . So many of you girls shared recently that you dropped your workouts and meal prepping because you thought it was stressful. Then, you realized your stress levels got even higher because working out and fueling your body was what was helping you keep stress and anxiety at bay! Remember nothing worth having is ever going to be easy. You HAVE to work for it. And yes it can get stressful but the benefits FAR outweigh the negatives. . Think about how great you feel after a workout. Think about how great you feel after a day or a week of properly fueling your body. Forget the physical aspects. Think about how you FEEL. That’s what this is all about. And it’s what’s going to carry you through for the long term and make this a LIFESTYLE, not just a short term challenge. CAN I GET AN AMEN?! 😁🔥💪🙌 . Ready to join us?! Start your @fitbodyapp free trial! Link is in my bio ☺️💕

Things end when it’s time for you to step into something greater. Don’t stop the process by being afraid of what comes next or staying the same just because it’s comfortable. It’s okay to evolve and outgrow people. It’s okay to evolve and outgrow who you used to be. It’s also okay to not know what comes next. Just go on. Sometimes the scariest times, when you don’t know what’s meant for you, is exactly when you need to jump ❤️ Photo: @yours.chuly

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