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Dolomites UNESCO

I swear we didn’t plan on wearing matching striped outfits 😋 Before Dylan was born many parents were telling me that my life was going to change, I won’t be able to do everything I want and that I’ll want to work less to stay with a baby. I heard the same thing over and over again... Truth to be told, my life has changed, but in a different way. We take Dylan almost everywhere and do everything with him as he adapts well, because babies can adapt if parents do. He makes friends with everyone! 😋

Auronzo di Cadore

We definitely don’t go to the mountains as often as we should. It always feels like exploring our own backyard is too nearby. Anyone has a similar issue? 😃 Hence why we said we’ll be doing more local travels before we leave Italy early next year. Photocredit, as you can see from a second clip: Dylan. He totally took this shot, have to start training him young 🤪😎

Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur, France

Did you notice that when it comes to travel reporting for social media and blog posts, you’ll never make everyone happy unless you just post bland info😉😋 - If you say you liked the place - people will chime in saying they thought it wasn’t very impressive. - If you say you didn’t like the place and explain why - you have a big chance of people unfollowing, calling you stupid, telling you that you visited it wrong, or you may even receive death threads (true story!) - If you say you recommend a specific region of a country because you’ve been there and enjoyed it - people will say that there’s much more than this region. - If you’re going to more difficult places or try to do something good - you’ll be called a ‘white savior’ or insensitive, but - At the same time, if you go to popular spots - then you’re an uninteresting tourist that only goes where others go. - You share a location of the lesser known spot - you get comments that you ruined it as it will be busy now, but - If you don’t share the specific location - then you’re an asshole. Is it ever a way to win? 😹😛 P.S. I’m naturally saying this with a winking emoji, but I noticed it’s happening to many people in the travel industry 🧳

Isla Holbox

As I’ve been sick last week I spent my time sleeping and watching all 3 season of @lacasadepapel from bed. Who else is a fan? 😋 So many travelers are ‘against’ watching TV, but I think TV series can actually be a great thing that unites people from different countries as some series or movies are known and liked all over the world. * Speaking of, I’m going back to revisit my old home of Mexico later this month - excited! Algunos seguidores de CDMX? 🇲🇽

Mdina, Malta

Walking around Mdina I stumbled upon the cutest little restaurant/cafe called Googi’s. After trying a Maltese soda - Kinnie, I walked out noticing this picturesque building nearby. All the other tourists were passing this spot until they noticed my tripod and myself getting ready for a photo. Then things changed. 😆 Everyone wanted a photo at this exact spot, only after they noticed me with a professionally looking equipment like a tripod🤨 20 people later I was finally able to take my shot and pack up, and we sat down with Dylan on the side waiting to see if anyone would take a photo now. Nope, not a single soul 😅 P.S. I was about to say that humans are following like ‘lemmings’, but then discovered that apparently lemmings aren’t massively following one another like in the kids game from the 90s! This whole ‘lemming mass suicide off the cliff’ thing is a myth, as they can swim and are simply migrating if their area gets overpopulated. Did you know that?!😦


If you watched my Insta Stories you already know that we didn’t fall in love with Malta. The only place we actually liked was Mdina and I guess Valletta was just fine. Why? • Malta felt like I was in some sort of factory. Cranes everywhere, dirt everywhere, and so much dust from limestone - I’ve never seen so much dust in a European country. This island is going to sink soon with the amount of cars, construction and cruise ships coming at this rate. 🏗 • Beaches are really bad in Malta. I swear anywhere else in Europe would be better. People sunbathe on cement next to the bay, or otherwise crowd like sardines on a few sandy beaches that you’re lucky to find a spot for a towel.🥴 • We didn’t rent a car this time hoping for buses, so glorified by many travelers. But they’re not really working. I mean they do, if you push your way in on the first stop, as otherwise they won’t even stop - that’s how crowded they get and with a baby forget it.👯‍♂️👯‍♀️ • Blue Lagoon... well, it’s like being a beehive but in the water. Sure, you can go with a first boat and you’ll have a place with few people for the first 30 minutes, but I mean, limits on boats entering the area would be appreciated. Not just for me, but for the sake of this place 💣 That said, it’s totally ok if you have a different opinion about Malta even if most of you messaged me agreeing with what I said on Stories. As usual, some travelers will agree with me and some will not 😉 I also realize that summer in Europe is crowded, but even in the winter I wouldn’t have fallen in love with Malta. I was however, told by locals and expats that 3-5 years ago things were very different 😔

Mdina, Malta

It turns out work trips are still possible with a baby. I think it’s actually more fun to travel with a baby then solo, as I finally have someone to talk to at dinners (he’s a talkative one even if his responses are still basically gu-gu based), instead of working on my phone 😛 Although he was making fun of me when I posed for photos...😂

Éze, Provence-Alpes-Cote D'Azur, France

Let me tell you one thing: this place wasn’t empty and had to wait forever to get a shot without people. Why would I do this instead of showing the reality of it? 🤔 While many complain that photos of crowds AKA how places really look like should be posted more often, there’s one problem: legal aspects. ⚖️ Technically, you cannot post someone else’s face on the internet without their permission, especially if it’s a project for a tourism board, brand, etc. Understandably, as not everyone wants to be ‘Internet-famous’. More, the company you might be working for cannot even use your image without your permission (google Fiji Water Girl case as an example). I once had to take photos inside a plane without people’s faces in it or make them unrecognizable. Let me tell you: it wasn’t an easy job 😅 Plus, people or no people which travel photo would you rather see, 1 or 2? 😂

Warszawa Starówka

Have you ever done anything touristy like rubbed a nose of a statue? In case of this bell, the legend says this silent bell can make your wish come true if you close your eyes and walk around it three times 🔔 What I find more interesting though is a building behind it, that was owned by someone smart. Why? In old Warsaw you had to pay your property taxes based on the width of the place measured from the main street, which is about 2 meters (making it the narrowest building in Poland, if not Europe). However, as this property is actually triangular the house isn’t small at all, just its entrance 😎

InterContinental Warsaw

Spa baby at its finest 👶😎 In all seriousness, I’ve been doing even less Insta Stories as I’m focusing on something more helpful and permanent for you guys (announcements on Sunday!) 👋 Who’s actually using Instagram less and less these days? We all know that seeing content you actually want to see has become a challenge on this app, and everyone is loosing followers which makes me think that many must be loosing their interest? 🤔


Traveling with a little one is basically like these two photos: you get a nice photo and then you jump on a carousel, because the baby totally wants it. To be fair, it was a nice excuse to jump on that carousel, but clueless Dylan was enjoying it😛 🏝🎠 I’m planning an adventure to Greece in September. I’ve only been to Crete and Santorini ages ago, so will take any advice for on and off the path islands and spots 🙏

Éze, Provence-Alpes-Cote D'Azur, France

5 years later I returned to the gorgeous village of Eze. Still love it☺️ I actually prefer Eze over Saint Paul de Vence, probably because it’s more quiet and the gardens are fun to explore. Have you been?

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