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🌍 Digital content creator who travels the world 🇸🇪 🌴 📍 Currently in: Italy ✉️ FOR BUSINESS INQUIRIES: 📽MY YOUTUBE👇🏽

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I SAID YES 😭❤️❤️💍💍 @andrebanghall

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The motion of the ocean

In my right state of mind

Varberg, Sweden

Then you're left in the dust Unless I stuck by ya You're a sunflower sunflower, you’re a sunflower 🌻

Turks & Caicos

G I R L G A N G 🔥 The best thing about travelling is for sure that you get to meet new friends all over the world. When I was going on this trip, I was traveling all by myself and actually a bit nervous knowing I’ll be hanging out with a bunch of new people I’ve never met. Cause you never know what to expect. And then I met these girls ( + some other amazing peeps not shown in the picture) and I was blown away about their freaking amazing personalities, beautiful souls and kind hearts. Never have I met more chill, heartwarming and intelligent girls in my life! I found a new little family 🧡 everyone on this trip was just.. wow! I had THE best time ever🧡 so thank you girls, boys, crew and @arkswimwear for putting us all together! I can’t wait for our next adventure!! 📸 by the best @megbatphoto 💥

Lost in the archive

Capri sun anyone?

Varberg, Sweden

The sky opened up as soon as we started to take these photos and it was actually a magical moment. The sunset, the rain, the warm water. Enjoying the last days of summer in Varberg and I couldn’t be happier 🧡🖤spending it with friends, family and the love of my life! (Ps. cudos to my girl @hannaschonberg for the photo idea)

Bedtime stories

Varberg, Sweden

Last days of summer is here and I can’t stop feeling a bit of sadness washing over me that those warm summer nights are coming to an end.. but, to spend them like this, with you, makes it so much better 💜

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