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Andy Speer CSCS, SFG 1 • Peloton Tread Instructor

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Peloton Tread Studio & Showroom

Coming in hot with new Peloton Outdoor! I’ve got a 30min Y2K Rock Fun Run dropping today. This one is full of fast paced favorites from the 2000’s. My teammates @mattymaggiacomo, @jsimsfit and @oliver__l also dropping dope runs for you all!!! Suns out Runs Out 😎😜🏃🏼 Let’s Go Team! .

Manhattan, New York

Wake Up Workout This little number will give you a solid chest and shoulder pump, fire up your abs and stretch your hips and lats. Program 1-3 rounds alone for a quick burn or knock out 1 round as part of your lifting warmup. Program: A) Push up kick over ladder Ladder push ups 1-10 B) Split squat reach and rotate x 3-5 R/L C) Sweeper shoulder tap ladder Ladder taps 2-20 D) ISO Split squat x30s R/L *Option to ladder push ups and taps or do singles between kick overs and sweeps. Have fun with this and have an awesome day! . . . . this

New York, New York

Recovering so fast, I'm even sprinting in my sleep! _ I run hard and train hard during the day, so prioritizing sleep is on the top of my list. It's important to accelerate recovery and energize my mind and body. I've tried many mattresses over the years and can honestly say that the @moleculesleep mattress is number one.

New York, New York

Back and Biceps Superset💪🏻 This set combines the classic EZ bar curl with close grip inverted rows, an under appreciated move for both arm and back development. The rows can be 30-45 degree supination or fully supinated (on a straight bar), but I find you get greater range of motion with out loosing the biceps burn with a 30 degree hold as see on this @roguefitness multi grip bar. The V grip is also easier on the wrists with a very close grip. Load up the rows with a sand bag or band. Go as heavy as you can on both rows and curls for 12-15 reps. 4 sets of 12-15 reps per move Rest only 10-20 seconds between moves Rest 60-90 seconds between sets Program this at the end of a pull or arm day! Have fun and have an awesome week! . . . .

Aeroporto Internacional do Rio de Janeiro-Galeão

One of the many reasons I love coaching on the @onepeloton platform is the variety of classes offered. The depth of classes extends well beyond “arm days” and “leg days.” Our team is constantly programming classes for beginner runners, experienced racers, and you know I love throwing down strength classes for all levels! I am pumped to get back on the Tread and the mat this week after a few days away. Here is the line up for this week: Wednesday 8am 30min Advanced Full Body Strength 10min Extra Mile Thursday 730pm 20min Rock Fun Run 30min Intermediate Chest and Back Friday 8am 45min Pop Fun Run Sunday 830am 45m Walk+Run

Pousada e Restaurante Praia da Tartaruga

Celebrating the love and connection of two beautiful souls. @patrickfrost2 and @thiagolg we love you and wish you the most incredible ride on this next chapter of your lives’ together.

New York, New York

Focused on a strong finish to the week! Tomorrow at 12pm join me and @rksolidnyc for a Facebook Live discussing the Strength for Runners Program within The @onepeloton Marathon Training Program. We will dive deeper into the strength aspect of the program and answer YOUR questions live! Link in my story. Also I’m coming at you tonight with a 60m Advanced Glutes and Legs Bootcamp at 730pm. Let’s Do This👊🏻

Chelsea, Manhattan

Summer. Shades. Smiles.😎 . . . . 📷 @alexsilverfagan

Dallas, Texas

Reflection This video was taken about 2 years ago in Dallas, Texas where @alexsilverfagan and I were working a fitness expo. On Saturday morning we decided to practice yoga on the deck of the hotel. At 9am it was 95 degrees and felt like 112 on the concrete slabs. She was a well trained yoga practitioner and teacher. I had just started practicing yoga, well, so I could spend more time with her. We were still very much friends at that point. This video is a perfect reflection of our relationship. Before we started dating, today, and as far as I can see in the future. We stand by each other, walking our own walk. We know we can’t fight each other’s battles, control each other’s thoughts or force each other’s actions- But we step in provide a thoughtful, well timed adjustment when needed. Practicing yoga (and swinging kettlebells) have us a foundation to build our relationship from, when we didn’t even know where it was going, and for that I am eternally grateful ❤️🙏🏻 Happy International Yoga Day

Manhattan, New York

5 Move Running Warm Up Do these 5 moves, in order, to prepare your body for a run. This is an great sequence to use if you’re in a ‘concrete jungle’ and only have a stoop and a gate- as physiology doesn’t discriminate geographically please use this in suburbs and country side as well😉 It will take 6-8 minutes and your body will thank you. 1. Calf Pedals - Stretch and raise. Work for range of motion while creating tension. Think alternating calf raise / calf stretch. Do 25 each foot. 2. IT band floss - Hips squared up, base foot pointed forward. Reach to the outside of your foot with your opposite hand. Pull your toes up (dorsiflexion) towards your knee as you reach. This extenuates the stretch in you ITB, calf and peroneals. Do 12 per side. 3. Forward leg swing - Inside leg swings, opposite hand mirrors, like running. Tense you abs to prevent compensatory flexion/ extension in you lumbar spine. You want range coming from your hips, not your back. Do 15 per side. 4. Lateral leg swing - Base foot pointing straight forward. Let your hips open and close- Don’t compensate by letting your foot slide or pivot. Keep your foot planted also adds ankle mobilization in the transverse plane😉. Do 15 per side. 5. Triple knee drives - Use a fence, bench or wall. Brace you torso. A lean of 20-45 degrees will work. Think sprint posture from torso to toe. Land on the ball of your foot, drive your opposite knee. Do 10 sets of 3. Have fun with this and have an awesome run!!!😎 . . . .

New York, New York

Sweating like a hot dawg on grill today! I’ll take the sweltering jungle heat any day over an arctic chill. Hot summer days are one of my favorite times to run. Apparently training outside for years in Miami with 95 degree temps and 95% humidity still holds a dear place in my heart. Whatever your climate preference, my 30min Rock Fun Run will win a place in your heart. It’s drops today on Peloton Outdoor! Rock and Run with @onepeloton baby! . . . .

Handstand shoulder taps. My gymnastics coach called these Thomas touches, names after Kurt Thomas the American gymnast. I don’t know how accurate this name is (I have not found any supporting documents 😉) but I’ve called them Thomas touches since I was 12 and I’m sticking with it. They are a fun balance endurance drill. I got to 60 in this set. Next stop 100👊🏻 On a Kurt Thomas note.... if you haven’t see the movie Gymkata please find it and watch it. You won’t be disappointed. . . . .

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