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Andrew Scrivani

Photographer/Director/Producer. NY Times Contributor.

Andrew Scrivani (@andrewscrivani) Instagram photos and videos

List of Instagram medias taken by Andrew Scrivani (@andrewscrivani)

These Spicy Clams with Garlicky Toasts from @david_tanis for @nytcooking were as tasty as they were pretty. Total crowd pleaser. Styling: @iaheats

Clams...from @katemcdermott Home Cooking. The subtle color variations and texture make this shot a favorite from that project.

I am finally happy to announce that my first book “That Photo Makes Me Hungry” is available for pre-sale on Amazon. Link in my profile. I am so excited to share this book with you. It will hit the shelves November 26th. Thanks to everyone here who has been so supportive of my work over the years. This book is for everyone...photographers of all lovers...aspiring artists and just those who want to look at beautiful food or read some fun stories. Please check it out!

Peppery Lamb with Summer Beans from @david_tanis for @nytcooking City Kitchen

Archival shot of Pumpkin Soup (2012) The use of a monochromatic palette allows for the food to be the star. Where I have often used black to that effect, using white, which is now very much in fashion, is equally effective in making your subjects pop.

Another archival shot (2012). The combination of light quality and the way a digital sensor reads light & color can make even neutral tonality shine. This was shot on a Canon 5DM2 with a 50MM compact macro lens.

Another from the archive (2011) . Tomatoes & Basil from my grandmother’s garden are the roots of everything I have done in food.

Digging deep into the archive this morning and found this gem from a 2013 Recipes for Health column by @martharoseshulman for @nytcooking

Try this super fresh Summer Squash Caponata from @david_tanis this weekend. Find recipe @nytcooking Styling: @iaheats

Swordfish for @david_tanis Grilled Swordfish With Smoky Tomato-Anchovy Salsa for @nytcooking Styling: @iaheats

Grilled Carrot Medusa...

And there will be pie... @katemcdermott is back for a sequel to @artofthepie and shooting begins today. Stay tuned for some BTS in my story.

I just love the color of this Chive Oil for @david_tanis new Salmon recipe @nytcooking

Herby Polenta with Corn, Eggs & Feta from @ottolenghi for @nytcooking Food Styling: @iaheats

If you are not ready to fire up the smoker yet try this stovetop BBQ cheat by @david_tanis this holiday weekend. @nytcooking Styling: @iaheats

Roasted Artichokes with Anchovy Mayo from @david_tanis for @nytcooking Food Styling: @iaheats

Thai Style Red Curry Mussels with Sweet Potato Frites from @david_tanis for @nytcooking Food Styling @iahisi

Kay’s Crab Curry from @annafgass Cookbook due out 4/23. You remember those crabs that gave me those nasty looks...oops. Food Styling: @alexandra.utter

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