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when was 19 years old and even then I didn’t brush my hair or wear any make up. Not much has changed except I don’t wear sequin jackets anymore, and my husband is now called Nick not John. And today I have 3 kids and live in LA not London . So , actually I guess a lot has changed . Except I still don’t wear much make up. ..

I spent some time with the formidable @padmalakshmi at her house , sitting on her bed and drinking tea. We got into the fun of eating in the bath , lovers who live separately , the joys of getting older , her new show , raising daughters & separation trauma . @theconversation is on @spotify -link in bio

Thank you @modelallianceny for taking action. @modelallianceny ・・・ We stand in solidarity with over 100 models and @timesupnow to fight sexual harassment, assault, and trafficking. @victoriassecret will you do the same? Learn more and read our letter (link in bio).

I defy anyone who watches this video of Brenda Moss to not take action . Whatever she says , I am doing . Repost @shannonrwatts ... After learning about a horrific act of mass gun violence in El Paso, Texas, Brenda Moss — a Virginia @momsdemand volunteer whose son, Shawn, was killed by gun violence — had a powerful message for nearly 2,000 volunteers who gathered in D.C. for our annual leadership training this weekend.⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ LISTEN, THEN FIGHT LIKE A MOTHER. ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ Send an email to your senators and to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell: Demand they pass NOW.⁠

Thank you @betoorourke ! Yes WTF the media MUST ask the right questions and they are NOT . @mandanadayani Via @kelly.atterton

@shannonrwatts ・・・ Hundreds of @MomsDemand and @studentsdemand volunteers are outside the White House right now demanding a Senate vote on background checks in honor of El Paso and all gun violence victims. Leave voicemails for your Senators NOW. Text CHECKS to 644-33.

I haven’t had any words the past 48 hours . Just a lot of tears . For the families who are forever changed in ways I cannot dare to imagine . For the children , brothers , sons , sisters , wives , besties, daughters , husbands and strangers. I am so sorry that this country has failed you yet again . Sometimes the fight seems futile and then ...another day , another shooting and a reminder that we can never let the lives lost be in vain . If you feel hopeless , as I have too have felt , please let your sadness motivate action . @momsdemand @marchforourlives are both organisations who organize and consistently fight for gun laws to be changed . Follow them , donate to them , support them on social , sign their petitions . Show up however you can. Donate to GoFundMe accounts for the families who need financial support . Just don’t get complacent . No matter how much you want to tune out . @marchforourlives @momsdemand AMENDMENT:This quote was reported as being from @gloriasteinem but she found it online and quoted it . No-one knows who actually said it , but whoever it was , I thank them.

For many years I only photographed women . But then I realised that men seen through the female lens were hugely underrepresented , and I started shooting men too . I’ve photographed Keanu for over 20 years now . These photos are one of my favourite shoots we did for @VogueHommes cover story 2009 .

Grant Park

When you get to @lollapalooza a day early here’s what to do ..

Manhattan, New York

The tables were turned when @rebeccaminkoff interviewed me for her podcast . It’s vulnerable even talking about vulnerability & many people confuse vulnerability with weakness , but it’s quite the opposite .

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