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American made w/ Cuban parts | motivator in movement | creator of community | writer of truths | 馃摡

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Idk about y鈥檃ll but for me, the realest form of care and love of self and another, has always been 鈥渃hecking before wrecking鈥 it isn鈥檛 鈥減leasing and appeasing鈥 for the sake of, that more often than not, can do more harm than good. It鈥檚 refreshing when you can develop a relationship that isn鈥檛 scared of holding one another accountable. Can it feel uncomfortable? sure, but that keeps us from staying stagnant. It compels us to shift. To reframe. To see it from a view beyond a scope we tend to limit ourselves. To my A1鈥檚 thank you for all your tough love and accountability. 馃枻

posted up || if perfect comes with a name, let me not be the owner. I want to walk through the parts of me, I believe others would have trouble loving. I want to speak out + against the insecurities that come pouring out, instead of coming down upon, the burden I have never been. I want to show you how I lose all sense of control in all that I am. I want to speak out loud the vulnerability that is, asking if I鈥檓 loved- knowing, my darling, that is all I have ever been. 馃摳 @jeannnes

We got some CANES over here! 馃檶馃徎First day of the semester comes with a lot of anxiety, confusion, patience and excitement. Thrilled to be a key part in seeing my first Freshman class roll into their courses. This semester has already started STRONG 馃檶馃徎 it takes a village and I鈥檓 grateful for all those who continue to assist in this process.

Dodging negativity, bullshit, toxicity, passive-aggressiveness, half-assery, tom-foolery, and shade, in style. 鈾狅笍 馃摳 @bryonsummers

Mirrors have a way of reflecting only part of an image- deflecting the entirety of a story. Kind of like people, we see what we want to see, when we want to see it. Remember, your perception of something doesn鈥檛 make it a reality. 鉁 馃摳 @photoherby

they placed womanhood in a tiny, white, fragranced, box on a shelf too high for most to reach as if though we would simply buy into their poorly-made notions and never dare to craft our own. - jasmine kaur @jusmun confidently, posted up in my womxnhood. 鈿★笍鈾狅笍馃拵

You gotta stop watering dead plants, sweets. There are those who foster your growth and then there are those who simply pick at the fruit. Recognize the difference. Who is rooting for you? Nourish them too. 馃尡

Don鈥檛 you just hate the peeps that act like they are too good for something. Talking about 鈥淚 care about what goes in and on my body.鈥 having you feel guilty. Boo, I see who you date, no you do not.

It鈥檚 what 鈥榠sn鈥檛鈥 that truly compels us. True quests aren鈥檛 measured in time or distance, so much as they are measured in hope. There are two outcomes: You either find something you didn鈥檛 intend to search for, or you find out you had the very thing you sought for, all along. 鉁

swerving what doesn鈥檛 serve me serving what鈥檚 most deserving deserving the best of what鈥檚 working working towards understanding understanding, that seeking, involves failing failing leads to learning ...lessons aren鈥檛 always the easiest to accept accepting all that is for me the same way I swerve away what isn鈥檛. - process

You give life to what you give your attention to. Make sure that you are both constructive and mindful about this. Yes, there will be days that, beyond all control, shit will inevitably hit the fan. Allow yourself to assess the situation, evaluate your feelings towards it, check it, and now re-assess how you鈥檒l get passed it. Do not give too much attention or energy to the insignificant. This distraction, will cause more harm than progress. Reactivity and passivity will only take you so far. The real level up comes from your active responsiveness, sweets.

If my mind were any visual framework it would probably look like lists upon lists and notes to self... 1. Never trade in your pain for the lessons you have learned. 2. You cannot possibly give what you don鈥檛 own, so don鈥檛 expect others to do it either. 3. There is tremendous power in forgiveness no matter how ugly the truth. 4. Remember, you always have a choice. There is always a solution. 5. Repurpose your damage + hurt. Repairing doesn鈥檛 always mean broken. 6. Allow someone to touch you so gently that you want to cry, + it doesn鈥檛 have to be with their hands. 7. It鈥檚 much safer + easier to love those who will not love you back, but know you鈥檙e not a fleeting casualty. 8. Hopeful, takes the situation as is + takes action. 9. It鈥檚 so much easier to give up, than it is to lean in + that includes the pain you feel. 10. Look at fear in the face + tell it 鈥淚 just don鈥檛 care.鈥 11. Trust that your hardships will teach you far more than any successes ever will. 12. Shadow boxing your bullshit will leave you sucker punched in the face. 13. Delayed gratification. Trust it. 14. Processes, are just that- the incremental step by step. Don鈥檛 cheat yourself to only ruin the foundation. 15. Sit with the serenity of your presence, often. Be comfortable in your silence. 16. Not all statements need to be entertained. Save your energy. 17. Never miss an opportunity to say 鈥淚 love you.鈥 18. Healing is courageous. It takes guts to be done with a wound of any kind. 19. Listen mindfully. Speak intentionally. 20. Keep your arms and heart wide open.

There are two sides to every story. Two sides to every coin. We can't possible live out both but in some ways we do have a choice to flip + reverse it. 鈥 Most people meet me or have seen my videos + rightfully so, assume I am boundless amounts of energy. For the most part, I am indeed a lover of every breath I take. I am a woman who finds more reasons to celebrate than to be buried in sorrow. But truthfully speaking, that comes with a price. 鈥 I have days where I am emotionally exhausted. On these days solitude fits me like a glove. I love, love, the faces I see everyday. I give so much of myself to them. Sometimes it can feel like a give, give, give. But they give me something much more important. They are the reminders that I can't continuously give out of my well if I'm empty. I have to give time to myself. I have to give myself back 5 minutes. 鈥 Sweets, as a mover, educator, as a plain old human, there's no glory in working until you have nothing left. I can't speak about self-care if I've forgotten to refill my well of goodness. While I battle with the anxiety that sometimes comes with utter stillness, it's absolutely necessary to unplug. 鈥 So here's to shutting down for showing up. Here's to getting my 5 minutes back, so I can fully give you, yours. 鉁

R E S I L I E N C E 鈥 鈥淏ut you were made to be this brave little human who does not back down to the things in life that try to tidal wave over you and force you to be small.鈥 The breaks, the falls, the bruising, + scarring are inevitable, sweets. You don't have much say in this, unfortunately. You can't plan when, where, or how so it's best to not live in a way to caution away from it, but instead to realize that it's part of our experience. You do however, have the choice to rise above it all. You do have the choice to recognize you ARE stronger than you feel. You are given the chance to make this choice. The choice to believe in yourself against all odds + others who find safety in doubt. Make it a daily choice to work on pillars of resilience. One's that are so strong that the only one to shake + brake them are their creator. And that is you. So, what are you building? 馃摳 From such a talented stand-up, dude who was the first person to ever snap me @bryonsummers

Taking a dive in uncharted waters 馃檭 // Sometimes it鈥檚 so easy to get lost in your own bullshit, the controlling and predicting kind. But most of my "best moments" have been the ones where I control + predict less and simply, lean in more. Because when I do try to control + predict, it looks a lot like purposefully planting seeds of doubt- flourishing into self sabotage. And I'm kinda over betting against myself. So instead, I'm mindfully making it less of a habit to nurture the thoughts that believe there's some truth to my "prediction". Magic won't happen here. It can't. Magic doesn't live alongside certainty. Predicting is setting myself up for the plausibility of something instead of marveling at the possibilities of it ALL. (Where the magic happens.) But sweets, this awareness doesn't give me immunity to self-doubt. My self-doubt has been loud. My self-doubt can be easy to believe. I've just grown tired of defending those thoughts. Which isn't to say that I don't hear them, but instead of reacting to them, I sit with them. I'm acknowledging the parts of me that need to feel this way because it's ok to. And every time I've recognized this, it feels less like drowning. Here's to taking a plunge. captured by: @nicolesweet 鉁 - - - - staygold

Word on the street is, it鈥檚 a HOT (girl) summer. Y鈥檃ll better hydrate 馃挦馃崏

don鈥檛 mind me... 鈽锔

Sweets, you ain鈥檛 a snack. Make sure you鈥檙e treated like a full-blown meal. 馃崚

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