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Just a small town girl 💜 👻alicemarycross 🇬🇧

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Lyde Court

Beautiful view at @lyde_court this evening 🖤

💚 Ma girl 🖤

Plenty of content for the ‘gram in yesterday’s 8 mile wander around Tenby 💙

Just love Tenby’s little alleyways 💛

Blue skies vs Grey in Tenby yesterday ❤️

Just a tad windy this weekend...

Stormy Skies with a Gin and Lemonade at Wisemans Bridge with @rachcross46

Hard at work helping @rachcross46 with @bryonysarah bridesmaid bouquets on Friday night. I’ve been trying to put into words how special and privileged I have felt being bridesmaid for @bryonysarah and @olliepuk but it’s not been easy...I’ll try and top my poem, it is coming... keep those 👀 peeled!

Canoe Huns 🛶 See the Bridge... Power Up... awoo awoo awoo

Who knew I’d survive falling out of a canoe after 30 seconds and then actually semi enjoy paddling down the river for 4 hours whilst absolutely soaked.... 🚣🏻‍♂️

This girl is just wonderful @abbey.yy.lee you’re my London friend forever 💕

Browns at The Quay

Drinks by the river with the old dear @rachcross46 ☀️

Had an alright night with my number ones 💛💙

Scrub up alright don’t we? 🍸 @bryonysarah @laurayarranton

More tourist tosser pictures of Budapest...

English Turkish