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baby girl you light up my world✨

Our voices have power. NIKE has joined in officially and contractually providing maternal protection to the female athletes they sponsor. This means that female athletes will no longer be financially penalized for having a child. I’m grateful to John Slusher and Mark Parker for their leadership and their desire to guide NIKE as a company who believes that we are all more than athletes. And THANK YOU to the brands who have already made this commitment. Who is next?

Embracing my journey! (with all its craziness 🤱🏾🏃🏽‍♀️👨‍👩‍👧) • It’s so easy to have the perfect plan mapped out in your head. To feel frustrated or stressed when things don’t go the way we imagined. I have learned it’s about embracing those moments of imperfection. Learning and growing through life’s challenges. Often times we are exactly where we need to be so that we come out on the other side stronger. • Pro tip: Stop comparing your journey to others. What works for them may not work for you. Constantly adapt to whatever life throws at you. Always evolve. • 📷: @jeffcohenphoto

workin mama🏃🏽‍♀️💪🏾 • 📷: @supermanferg

WE’RE BETTER TOGETHER! • Who makes you better?? Tag your squad. We don’t do any of it alone and we’re so much better when we realize how loved and supported we are. • So grateful for my crew @supermanferg @pwesley22 @jkeliasson @joannadhayes

Black women are dying! Black mothers face three to four times greater risk of dying from pregnancy or childbirth related causes as white and Hispanic women. Thank you @selfmagazine for bringing awareness to such an important issue. I share my own story in the . link in bio • Photo Director: @avenerable Digital Director: @letashy Photographer: @ekuaking Wardrobe: @marpeidro Hair: @alexander_armand Makeup: @samuelpaulmakeup

Finish Strong. • I’m sure you worked hard this week, but finish strong. What are you going to do for yourself this weekend? Self-care is so important. I’m spending time with Cammy this weekend and can’t wait for a weekend full of her little smile.

GRATITUDE. • I never would have thought that living my truth and speaking up for what I believe in would result in feeling at peace, but I feel at peace. Ready to continue fighting. For my daughter. For my dreams. For your daughter and her dreams, too. • What are you grateful for today? 📸 @jeffcohenphoto

Proud to be a part of the @athleta family • This partnership isn’t just about me it’s about this little one and every other girl who has dreams. You are worthy of those dreams.

BREAK RECORDS. BREAK BARRIERS. BREAK THE SILENCE. • Today I’m announcing my partnership with @athleta . At a time when I felt scared and unseen Athleta reminded me of my worth. They reminded me that my voice not only has power, but is necessary. They reminded me that we are most powerful when we push ourselves and inspire each other. They reminded me that I’m more than an athlete. • @athleta thank you for believing in me. For supporting me. For standing with me. For standing for something.

Your voice has power, don’t ever forget that. Your truth matters, even if your voice shakes. • Thank you @selfmagazine for allowing me to share my truth, but more importantly thank you for caring about mothers and for reminding us that we are worth it. This is the start to a series that SELF is doing on the black maternity crisis. Link to the article in my stories. • Photo Director: Amber Venerable @avenerable Digital Director: Leta Shy @letashy Photographer: Ekua King @ekuaking Wardrobe: Mar Peidro @marpeidro Hair: Alexander Armand @alexander_armand Makeup: Samuel Paul @samuelpaulmakeup

Racing this weekend was much bigger than me. About so much more than my own story. In the face of many obstacles it’s so important to never give up. I was reminded of that this past year more than ever • Grateful for my health. Thankful for my family. Humbled and appreciative of all the support🙏🏾

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