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briajean Kullanıcısının 1432928360632099463_10346181 Id'li Fotoğrafını Kontrol Et

A country of IMMIGRANTS not IGNORANCE. Thanks @lovinart1 for my awesome pussy hat!! 😽 #wmnyc #womensmarch #withrefugees

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treetopscollective Kullanıcısının 1432809568899377136_1989200198 Id'li Fotoğrafını Kontrol Et

Today we're wearing our Arabic welcome shirts because that's one small way we love our neighbors. We're also making an appearance at the women's march in our hometown (with the most independent 19 month old woman I know) because working with refugees makes us appreciate democracy more than ever before. And because all women, including refugee and immigrant women, are a part of this great nation. #withrefugees #womensmarch #refugeeswelcome

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girlup_fths Kullanıcısının 1359502997969081769_2929417051 Id'li Fotoğrafını Kontrol Et

We are hosting a Yankee Candle Fundraiser starting Oct. 10th to raise money for refugee girls (just in time for the holidays!)! 40% of profits will be going to our chapter. ~Top seller will be getting a $25 gift card to any store he/she would like! #yankeecandle #fundraiser #withrefugees

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jumoreirahl Kullanıcısının 1432566119751670209_3733359829 Id'li Fotoğrafını Kontrol Et

Sempre me encantei com essa cultura, com essa força, e sempre aprendi demais com esse povo. Apesar de tantos desafios, eles cantam, sorriem, dançam, transmitem pra mim um sentimento de que nada pode me impedir de ser feliz! Muito amor, muita gratidão, muita alegria 🙏🏽 #repost@caradelevingne with @repostapp ・・・ I was totally blown away today at Bidibidi primary school we were greeted by the children doing the bola dance @girlupcampaign @unrefugees #WithRefugees

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findinghome Kullanıcısının 1432443376540406842_4267996989 Id'li Fotoğrafını Kontrol Et

Heln is now four months old and her name's spelling is not a typo! Her mother Taimaa thought it was a stylish take on the classic Greek name. We fell in love with it immediately! What do you all think? This is @arynebaker and @francescatrianni, photo taken in Thessaloniki by @lynseyaddario.

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oakparkgirlup Kullanıcısının 1432420890238458794_3830438405 Id'li Fotoğrafını Kontrol Et

thanks to everyone who came and participated in changing the lives of so many girls today 💁🏽💪🏿🍔🍅✨✨💕✨✨💁🏻💁🏿👊🏽✨ #girlup #veggiegrill #withrefugees #womensmarch

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cathywachiaya Kullanıcısının 1432383051795351312_252381574 Id'li Fotoğrafını Kontrol Et

I had a super time in Northern Uganda this past week, traversing the country with my colleagues as we documented stories of resilience and hope; stories of #southsudaneserefugees in Uganda. What a beautiful, welcoming country! What wonderful people who despite the sadness and trauma they've endured, continue to face life with big smiles and open hearts. I have learned a lot from this men and women. I will not forget them for a very long time. See you soon Uganda! 👋🏽👋🏽🇺🇬 #uganda #warm #happiness #ilovemyjob #withrefugees

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pittgirlup Kullanıcısının 1432336318029794617_3115232069 Id'li Fotoğrafını Kontrol Et

#repost@girlupcampaign with @repostapp ・・・ #tbtto our incredible learning trip last week! So grateful to Champion @caradelevingne for joining us in northern Uganda. At @unrefugees' Goboro entry point, we talked with refugees who had just crossed the border from #SouthSudan. Despite having witnessed terrible violence and often walking for days to reach safety in Uganda, the girls we met with remained resilient, strong, and optimistic about their futures. #WithRefugees

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carrythefuture Kullanıcısının 1432322828266729722_2228405197 Id'li Fotoğrafını Kontrol Et

Update from Jill of #CTFDistributionTeam23! PART 1 OF 2 New baby and more warehouse work! The two Swedish volunteers we met yesterday at the camp told us about the hotel they were staying at in the old Jewish Quarter of town. Last night we followed them up and down narrow lanes, parked on the side of a rushing creek, and had to walk the last bit of the way. We can imagine how beautiful it would be here in the summer. We both slept so well with both of us having heat in our rooms! What a difference. It is a short 15-minute drive to the camp. Sam had told us that a group of Americans (five in total) would be working at the camp for the next week. We walked into their intro meeting just as Sam was finishing up. Turns out they are from a church in Texas. This group was all in their 50s and 60s; they had done this type of work before and set to work organizing the shoe room. When I write this, it does seem crazy that someone would travel to the other side of the world to sort shoes. But it really isn’t just sorting shoes; it is seeing with your own eyes what is happening. These stories we hear and the images burned into our brains are the fuel to keep this tragedy alive so people will not forget to go forth and share what we have seen and heard once home. It is also the “thank yous” we hear from the refugees themselves -- it gives them hope that in a small town in northern Greece, in an old army camp, that people see them. Really see them for who they are -- our brothers and sisters. That they have not been forgotten during this very dark time in their lives." #withRefugees #solidarity #choosehumanity #carrythefuture #refugeeswelcome #volunteering #dosomething #parent2parent #refugees #refugeechildren #refugeefamilies #givehope #givelove #refugeecrisis

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carrythefuture Kullanıcısının 1432304144076902845_2228405197 Id'li Fotoğrafını Kontrol Et

The three proud big sisters of the newborn baby boy from the previous post. Carry the Future brought a heater to this family's room. The family is staying in a camp in Northern Greece that is being managed by Bridge2. This stop was Team 23s last night in Greece before their attempt to cross into Serbia #refugees #refugeeswelcome #refugeecrisis #refugeecamp #greece #withrefugees #sisters #refugeekids #choosehumanity #ctfteam23 #northerngreece #bridge2 #ctf #carrythefuture@semajmas

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