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#theking@realjerrylawler's words aimed at @heelziggler came back to KICK him on #SDLive...

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Very Rare 1990-91 WCW Sting 🦂 Black Shirt eBay Seller: nnnickg Price: $75.01 Current Bid Size: M Tag #wrestling4sale2 Be Featured

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─♔ ⠀⠀ ↱@IWLsWrestling- Part 4. Final Part↲ ⠀⠀ ❝The French Era, Begins At The Royal Rumble.❞ ⠀⠀ | Lilian would nod. "Now Lita, has spoken about you. She, has defined you as Self-arbored. Hypocritical. And rather an useless Women's Wrestler. Stating, you've only gotten this far because of looks." Maryse would chuckle, as Lilian continued. "Maryse, how are you handling; Lita talking about that. Especially, after the respect you've shown her." Maryse would look at Garcia. "Lilian, it's all wrestler talk. Lita, thinks she'll get inside my head. She's trying to go low, calling me an useless wrestler. She's trying to play mind games back. Sadly it's not going to work! I'm a master of mind games, in my own right. I mean, you witnessed ESPN's Sport Center, right? I trashed Sasha. Used her to get what I want." Maryse laughed. "So to answer your question, I don't care what Lita calls me! Or simply has to say about me. She really should just be worried about the fact that, I'm ending her Women's Championship title reign at Royal Rumble." Maryse would smile. Lilian would nod, continuing. "Indeed, I did watch the ESPN Sports Center. I didn't want to ask the same questions, as Coach." Maryse would laugh, a little. "I noticed, you haven't spoken much on Charlotte. Do you mind, speaking on Charlotte?" Maryse would look at her nails. Getting annoyed overhearing Charlotte's name. "Personally. I do not feel like baby Flair, even deserves to be in the match! Now, on RAW tonight.. no contract signing ever ends well. So personally, I do not want to speak about her. She needs to leave my brand, she's not wanted. Nor, is she needed. Now she's dismissed." Maryse would smirk. Lilian, would look at Maryse. "Strong, negative vibe for Flair." Maryse would chuckle. "It's not just strong. It's hatred! She's trying to steal my spotlight. She needs to learn, I'm the French Deity. At Rumble, I prove why I call myself the French Deity, along rightful Champion. I take out baby Flair. Whilst, I end Lita's title reign! Simple. I'm ready, for the French Era to begin at Royal Rumble! I'm ready to become CHAMPION!"

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─♔ ⠀⠀ ↱@IWLsWrestling- Part 3.↲ ⠀⠀ ❝The French Era, Begins At The Royal Rumble.❞ ⠀⠀ | Maryse would smile, as Lilian continued. "It's about to get Real. RAW. Inspiring! And totally off script!" Lilian smiled, as she continued. "Wow! Maryse is here with me right now. I am so honored, to have you! Welcome to Making Their Way To The Ring! Maryse." Maryse would smile. "Awe. Lilian, it's absolutely great to hear your voice! It's been so long. I'm just so happy, and honored to be apart of your show." Lilian smiled. "I can't even tell ya. Thank you so much! When I asked, and you were like.. "absolutely I'll do it." I was so excited! I'm so happy to have you in studio!!" Maryse chuckled. "Awe. You were always personally my favorite ring announcers. I just couldn't say no." Lilian would smile, once again. "People always asked me. "Who was one of your favorites to announce to the ring?" I'd tell them. Maryse! Just something about your presence, and attitude I truly enjoyed announcing your matches. I remember, once time. I actually messed up where you resided from. I felt so bad." Maryse would smile. "Awe, you are such a sweetheart. We always would laugh backstage about the tiny little error. It didn't upset me, so don't worry! We just truly enjoyed every second!" Lilian nodded. "Yess. So incredible. Many memories!" Lilian, would take a quick breath. "Now, the reason why I invited you here today is to talk on the Royal Rumble PPV. Personally, your match against Lita and Charlotte for the IWL Women's Championship." Maryse would smile. "Lilian, I've competed in a lot of matches, throughout my career. You've called most of them. Now, this match is like no other match. You physically, and mentally have to be prepared."

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─♔ ⠀⠀ ↱@IWLsWrestling- Part 2.↲ ⠀⠀ ❝The French Era, Begins At The Royal Rumble.❞ ⠀⠀ | Maryse would continue walking backstage, as she approached the Lilian Garcia "Making Their Way To The Ring." Backstage Podcast Area at IWL RAW. Lilian, would exit the Podcast room, as she seen Maryse approach. The two would share a quick hug. They would briefly speak to one an other, before Lilian would re-enter the podcast room. Maryse would enter the room, after Garcia. As she sat down at the round table. Lilian Garcia, would sit down at the round table as well. "Maryse, anything you'd like, before we go live?" Maryse, would smile. "I'm okay, let's get started!" Garcia, would signal for an assistant to tell the producer; they were indeed ready to begin the podcast. The assistant would get the producer, as he announced they were preparing to go live. Maryse and Lilian, continued to speak. Whilst there microphones were still off. the crew, announced that "Making Their Way To The Ring" exclusive would begin to air Live in less then 60 Seconds!! The set, would check on everything. As multiple crew members, would check on microphones on Maryse, along with Lilian Garcia. As the countdown clock in the room would begin to countdown. The crew would give the signal, that they were now Live as the broadcast would soon begin. Camera A, would be shown on Lilian Garcia, as a man's voice opened up the show. "Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to, "Making Their Way To The Ring! With Lilian Garcia!" The Camera slowly turned, as Lilian smiled. "Wooo! I am your host, Lilian Garcia! Welcome to Making Their Way To The Ring! You can find me exclusively on Twitter and Instagram, @|LilianGarcia. Now, joining me today, is IWL's hottest female talent. She's been running through the rankings, for quite sometime. Ladies and Gentlemen. The lovely, French Deity, Maryse Ouellet." Camera B, would be shown on Maryse.

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─♔ ⠀⠀ ↱@IWLsWrestling- Part 1.↲ ⠀⠀ ❝The French Era, Begins At The Royal Rumble.❞ ⠀⠀ | With just days away, from IWL's Royal Rumble PPV extravaganza. IWL's French Deity would be invited onto Lilian Garcia's "Making Their Way To The Ring." Podcast. Lilian Garcia, would arrive to IWL RAW before the show. She, along with her crew, would be assigned a private location in the back. Lilian's crew would quickly prepare the set, for the exclusive interview with IWL's French Beauty. Maryse would arrive at IWL Raw. As the news broke on Twitter that tonight was the Contract Signing between Charlotte, Lita, and Maryse. For the IWL Women's Championship match, at the Royal Rumble PPV. The camera crew, that worked with IWL would quickly approach Maryse. As she walked towards building with multiple bags of luggage. One cameraman would begin to stream. As fans would begin asking Maryse questions. "Maryse, what can we expect tonight on RAW!?" "Maryse, can we have your autograph?!?' Whilst other fans could be heard screaming, as Maryse continued walking towards the arena. "I'm sorry, guys. Absolutely, Not. No Autographs at this time! I will say this, though. Expect the usual brawls at a contract signing!" Maryse would walk into the arena, as security would keep the fans out of the building. The cameraman, would continue streaming, as one of the security guards spoke with Maryse. "Busy show tonight, Good luck at the Contract signing! As well, as the Royal Rumble PPV." Maryse would laugh. "I don't need luck, Vintage nerd! I'm the French Deity." She smirked, grabbing the security guards face. Before pushing him out of the way. "Excuse, me loser. I have a place to be, but.. do me this one favor and bring my bags to my private locker room." She smirked, as handed her luggage over to the security guard. Who carried her bags to her private locker room. As Maryse headed over to the Podcast area.

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I Pity The Fools That Don't Bid On This Shirt... Incredibly Rare 1985 WWF Wrestlemania I Promo Short Sleeve Baseball Shirt Featuring Hulk Hogan And Mr. T eBay Seller: vagabondvintagedallas Price: $9.99 Current Bid Size: S Tag #wrestling4sale2 Be Featured

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Once you feel this energy surging within you from the fans, it brings the adrenaline fire along with this passion.💗✨🔥 @BeckyLynchWWE . . . . . . . . #beckylynch #beckybalboa #straightfiyaa #gamechanger #risktaker #teambeckylynch #lyncharmy #therealchamp #wwe #SDLive #smackdown #myhero #myrolemodel #2xchamp #beileveinbecky #lynch #irishlasskicker #ilovebeckylynch

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